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Shore Therapy & Wellness

  • Shore Therapy & Wellness, LLC utilizes nature and the outdoors to provide fun pediatric Occupational Therapy and nature enrichment groups.

  • We specialize in helping children with sensory, coordination, social challenges, and attention through our nature based program.

  • We offer 1:1 individualized outdoor OT AND nature enrichment play groups 

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Nature Based Enrichment Play Group 


  • Does your child spend too much time in front of screens? 

  • Do you notice that they are bored with toys?

  • Do you feel like they do not get outside enough and thus lacking in areas of sensory motor development? 

  • Do you want your child to engage in activities with peers that promote socialization along with fine and gross motor skills? 

  • Do you want to build connections with other parents in the area? 

  • Do you wish you had personal play guides from an experienced professional to assist with at home activities? 

Our Nature Enrichment Groups consist of 6 sessions (60 min) held 1x/week and led by an occupational therapist​

Our nature enrichment group will focus on sensory-motor play, active story time, nature walks, creative sensory exploration, and motor skill growth all while connecting with nature and engagement with peers.

All groups take place outdoors (at a local state park/nature center). Children will engage in creative expression & play based activities using natures elements. The group focuses on peer socialization along with exploration and learning while in nature. There will be nature walks, stories, art & crafts and open ended play. This group will promote optimal sensory and motor development experiences for children. All the play groups require a parent or caregiver to attend and engage with child. Children should dress for the weather and be prepared to get a little messy and have a lot of fun! Once you register, a welcome form will be sent to you. 

*Must have 3 participants in order to run group. 

What To Expect Each Week

Each week we explore, create and engage in different activities all while in nature! We jump, read, climb, paint, learn, adventure, balance, swing, socialize, get messy in natures elements and mostly…have fun! Our group focuses on promoting sensory motor development through hands on learning experiences ALL outside (and in any weather).

In addition to weekly adventures, a personal play guide handout will be distributed with suggestions/activities to follow through at home. 

*This group is led & guided by a Certified Pediatric Occupational Therapist (MS/OTRL) but is not considered Occupational Therapy services.

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Would My Child Benefit From Outdoor OT?

  • Does your child spend a lot of time indoors/in front of a screen?

  • Does your child have a hard time with motor skills?

  • Does your child have difficulty socializing with peers?

  • Does your child struggle with emotional control?

We understand how hard it can be when you see your child struggle with daily tasks and life skills. We are here to help and utilize nature and the outdoors as a natural setting in order to facilitate skills and abilities of children. Essentially, we take the standard "clinic setting" and have it outdoors! We believe in supporting children holistically in nature with therapeutic intervention and we can help your child become calm, confident, stronger, and braver all while engaging in age-appropriate play! ​​


Meet Christina

Christina has her Masters in Occupational Therapy from Towson University as well as a Bachelor’s of Science in Occupational Therapy. She is a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist in the State of Maryland and NBCOT certified. Christina has spent more than a decade in specializing in health and wellness throughout all populations. She has training in sensory processing/integration throughout pediatric populations of all ages. She has worked in both public and private school systems, has provided early intervention services, and has worked in hospital services serving young children. 

Christina loves the outdoors and after having two active toddlers, she learned how important nature and the outdoors is for children. When the pandemic hit, Christina decided to start her own practice solely based on outdoor nature based Occupational Therapy. She saw how the isolation during the pandemic was negatively affecting children with special needs (and without) and wanted to offer a solution to help children overcome any regression. Christina saw how more CONFIDENT, COORDINATED, and CAPABLE children were while being immersed in nature. She has seen first hand how the outdoors has helped her own children regulate their senses and well being -- this is how Shore Therapy & Wellness, LLC came about. Christina hopes she can help assist families on their journeys and most of all, help children AND parents understand, explore, and express their senses in nature and encourage their best self possible! 

Christina resides with her husband and sons on the beautiful eastern shore of Maryland. She enjoys running, hiking, yoga and anything OUTDOORS!

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